What is OMT?

Oral Myofunctional Therapy (OMT) is an effective holistic treatment that has been used for decades to help children develop normal oral-facial muscle function. OMT works by improving the coordination and control of the muscles and tongue, allowing children to move their lips, cheeks, jaw, and tongue in a more natural manner. OMT can help improve a child’s facial structure, speech production, and overall well-being.

The importance of this therapy in children cannot be overstated, it not only helps to improve mouth muscle function, but it also prevents other potential problems such as digestive disorders, behavior issues, and sleep disturbances. OMT is especially beneficial for those suffering from OMT-related issues, including tongue thrusting and lip incompetence, and it can even help to reduce the severity of these issues, allowing children to function with less discomfort.

Before OMT can be used effectively, it is important that children are properly diagnosed with OMT-related disorders. Diagnosis typically involves an evaluation of the child’s facial structure, muscle development, and speech production. OMT specialists can then make recommendations on the best specifid therapy to use for the specific OMT disorder. OMT typically involves a combination of exercises and activities that help improve mouth function and coordination.

In addition to its benefits in treating OMT-related disorders, OMT can also help improve other aspects of a child’s health. It may prove effective in helping children develop stronger concentration and better sleep patterns, as well as improving social skills, self-esteem, and confidence. This form of therapy can also help to support overall healthy development by encouraging children to engage more actively in activities such as eating, speaking, and interacting with their environment.

OMT therapy is an invaluable tool in helping children live healthy and happy lives, free from OMT-related issues and other health concerns. Our OMT Team are all certified professionals who are highly knowledgeable in OMT and its treatment options. They can provide support to both parents and children throughout the OMT process, ensuring that OMT is conducted properly, safely, and effectively.

To sum up, OMT therapy services are an effective treatment that can help children improve their oral-facial muscle function, preventing OMT-related disorders and other health problems. OMT also helps to improve a child’s concentration, sleep patterns, social skills, self-esteem, and overall well-being. OMT therapists are certified professionals who can provide support to both parents and children throughout OMT therapy, ensuring that OMT is conducted properly, safely, and effectively. Through OMT therapy, children can live healthier and happier lives.